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Do you believe that teamwork can solve big problems?

We're harnessing the talent and creativity of our professional community into one weekend of dedicated collaboration, designed to alter the trajectory of 14 promising startups.

Co-Lab Weekend @ 1909
November 20th-22nd

Connect with Creators Like You

We'll match you with other experts to form a team and be connected to a local startup in need of your specific skill set.

Put Your Skills to the Test

As a team, you'll use your best knowledge and experience to solve problems and move a startup forward, together.

Impact a Local Startup

Not only will you get to have a fun weekend with other great experts, but you'll also help the trajectory of a growing business!

“I think my favorite part of Co-Lab Day was getting to work with a diverse group of people. Being able to brainstorm ideas. It was just cool to have all different minds come together and work on a project. A lot is possible in a very small amount of time when people are focused on the same goal for a bigger purpose.”

- Rodrigo T.

Ready to join in

We're looking for experts in tech, marketing, graphic design, copywriting, and more for our Co-Lab teams.

“My expectations going into the Co-Lab day was "I'm going to try to bring my skills into it and do whatever I can to try to help out the business I was going to be helping for the day." But what actually happened was so much more than that.”

- Brittani M.

Weekend Itinerary

Friday Night (6-8PM)
Outdoor Location TBD

The weekend kicks off with a night of food & drinks. The real work doesn’t start until Saturday morning, but we’ll be announcing the team rosters on Friday night.

Saturday (9AM-5PM)
Multiple Venues

Saturday is the day of hyper-collaboration (when the magic happens). You and your team will be assigned to one of our venues and you’ll get started at 9AM sharp. It will be up to your team to determine how you can best impact this startup in a single day, and then go execute! We’ll conclude the official work session by 5PM, but teams are welcome to continue working beyond that point.

Sunday (9AM-2PM)
@ 1909

Each team will have 1 hour to prepare their presentation and 10 minutes to present, with the first presentation starting at 10AM. After all presentations are finished, each participant will have a vote in who wins the competition. Once we’ve tallied the votes, we will announce the winners and award prizes.

Frequently Asked Questions


No you do not. You are more than welcome to participate remotely via Zoom.

This will depend on which team you end up on and also how many locations we end up needing. For the sake of social distancing, we may end up spreading out across 3-4 locations throughout Palm Beach County.

We encourage everyone to attend as much of the weekend as possible, but the working session on Saturday from 9AM-5PM is the only mandatory commitment.

Absolutely not! The valuable contributions you’ll be making to your team is all we care about.

The founders of the startups will be drafting their teams based on their own biggest needs. They will be able to see the answers each participant provided about their professional strengths in the registration form, but they will not know the identity of the players until after the draft. In that registration form, we ask a question about the types of businesses you’re passionate about, and our founders want to find team members that are going to be passionate about their business, so that is the best way for you to influence where you may land.

We have 14 startups all with a wide variety of needs from marketing to product development, to process automation, to web design, to finance, to graphic design, to videography, to copywriting, to general strategy, and everything in between. One of the amazing things about Co-Lab Days is that the time pressure forces teams to play to the strengths of their players and it brings out the best in everyone.

On Sunday, each team will present what they accomplished to the rest of the teams. There will be no official judges – it’s up to the participants to assess the work of their peers. Everyone in attendance for those presentations will have an equal vote in who wins.

The main precaution we are taking is making sure there is ample room for social distancing for all teams by spreading the competition across multiple locations. We will also be encouraging the use of masks when in close proximity with others and providing temperature checks of all participants at the entry of each venue.

Yes there will be prizes for the top performing teams, but they will depend on the funds we’re able to raise for the event. We will announce prizes as we get closer to the event and have a better sense of our budget.


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