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The floworking space

Flow is as an elevated mental state where extreme focus, confidence and creativity converge to enable seemingly inconceivable outputs of productivity. Floworking is our social experiment to uncover the optimal working environment, where the occurrence of flow is communal and commonplace.

Building on the momentum of the coworking movement, we believe a shared a physical space for entrepreneurs and creatives is just the beginning of a much larger shift in the way people work. By exploring new ways to leverage our community's human and physical resources, we intend to facilitate greatness far beyond what our members could achieve on their own.

We're greatly affected by our physical environment and the people surrounding us. 1909 was designed with inspiring spaces for brainstorming and quiet spaces for intense focus. Join our community of passionate & creative people bringing out the best in each other.

1909's diverse network means having access to experts in nearly all walks of business & life. From spontaneous group brainstorms, to 1-on-1 mentoring sessions, to educational workshops, our community is here to give you valuable feedback wherever you need it.

In today's digital World, we believe the most valuable skill is being able to make sense of the endless amounts of information we have access to. We teach how to connect dots and draw more insights from experiences; so you can master the path you choose.