CO-LAB WEEKEND: 11/20-11/22 – turning problems into projects



A business accelerator and mentorship program designed to help founders develop their ideas into successful businesses.

Who is the Accelerator for?

We accept founders of all kinds. Whether this is your 1st venture or your 5th. Whether you just have a stellar idea or a fully-functioning product. Whether this is full-time or part-time. Whether you're an artist, engineer, or an accountant. The 1909 Accelerator is designed to help founders from all backgrounds and industries.

What's the format of the class?

Immersive activities and workshops designed to give you clarity of your personal and professional intentions while teaching you valuable business fundamentals. And we cater to everyone's schedule with classes from 6-9pm and mentor meetings on your own schedule.


When are the next programs starting?

The next Accelerator Program will start on April 22, 2020 in West Palm Beach!

What is the deadline to apply for the next cohort?

Applications must be received by March 13, 2020 for the next cohort. Applicants will be notified if they are accepted into the next phase of interviews.

What's Included?

Business Education

Mentorship Program

Shared Workspace

Startup Bootcamp

For the same reasons you would train for a marathon, you should also train to start a business.  We will push you to define your vision, challenge your assumptions and build the mental models needed to succeed in your startup.

Personalized Mentorship

Our wide network of experienced business mentors are eager to share their wisdom and help you succeed. You will be paired with mentors who have had success in similar verticals, to challenge you and prepare you for the uncharted territory ahead.

Pitch Night

The grand finale of the Accelerator is our Pitch Night in front of local investors and entrepreneurs intent on helping great ideas come to life. We'll prepare you to deliver a compelling pitch to bring in real startup capital and micro grants from local businesses.

Our Partners

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