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ETHOS (a guide to our community standards)

We believe that a balanced and mindful approach to entrepreneurship can yield substantially more happiness and success than the grit and grind approach.

We tackle this by unlocking the most powerful resource we have; our community. Because we are using our community as our tool, we do emphasize our expectations of each and every 1909 member.

The 1909 community is one built on the pillars of mutual respect and creative culture, and as such we ask that all of our members enter into an agreement that will promote the safety of everyone and the space itself. All of the expectations we have of our members are reasonable and allow for a positive contribution to the foundations of our growing community. These rules are meant to create and foster a collaborative environment, that will make everyone feel welcome. As a 1909 member, you are being entrusted with the responsibility of doing your part to ensure our community thrives.


Our Values

Collective Purpose

Flow requires letting go of ego and insecurity long enough to do something great. Becoming part of something bigger than ourselves is the quickest way to turn off your inner self-critic.


Be kind. This encompasses not only the way we talk to each other, but also the way we talk about each other. Don’t hesitate to get to know other members! If you see someone you don’t know, find the right time and introduce yourself. This baseline of friendliness and instinctual human interaction immensely impacts the culture of inclusivity.


We strive to have open communication. We encourage anyone who has an issue to address it openly, honestly and respectfully. We encourage face-to-face conversations, but understand this style of conflict resolution is not for everyone. Feel free to direct message someone on Slack when appropriate, and please note that the 1909 team & honor board are both here to assist in mediating and resolving issues that may arise.

Safety & Security

We take the safety & security of our members very seriously.

  • All doors are to remained closed, secured and locked at all times. Keycards must be used to gain access to the space.
  • We always carry our keycards on us so that we don’t disrupt our coworkers to grant us access.
  • We don’t prop doors open. Event hosts are required to man the door to give access to their guests.
  • We do not have rooftop access...yet. This is something we’re hoping changes but in the meantime it’s in our lease to remain off of it.
  • Granting access to anyone other than a guest you are expecting can result in an immediate loss of membership. Please make sure to share this document with your guest(s) as you are responsible for their behavior & action(s) while they’re here.


The digital world we live in is full of distractions and timesucks. We promote habits and hacks that minimize distractions, sustain focus, and optimize productivity. We ask that everyone is mindful about our open office floorplan.

If you see someone with their headphones on, with their office door closed or otherwise deeply engaged in their work or a conversation, please don’t interrupt.

To Do: You see Sally designing a website and you’re interested in hearing more about her background and experience as you want to chat about collaborating on a project. Instead of interrupting her work flow, you decide to message her via Slack and follow up with her later when you see her in the kitchen.

Not To Do: You see Sally designing a website and you’re interesting in hearing moer about her background and experience as you want to chat about collaborating on a project. So, you stand over her awkwardly, wave your arms around frantically until you have her attention or you barge into her office.


We believe there should be a shared responsibility for taking care of our space. This means that when we see that some toilet paper needs restocking, we all make the choice to restock it. A mature, respectful space looks like one where we clean up our own dishes, put our mugs away, and don’t leave our workspaces a mess. We’re pretty awesome humans fully capable of leaving 1909 in better condition than it was when we arrived.

You will see our team doing these things if needed, but please keep in mind that we are not here to serve as receptionists, assistants or housekeepers. We are here to help you grow & help create opportunity to the best of our ability.

Co-working w/ Kiddos

We understand that occasionally bringing your children into work can save you from major inconve- nience and we are happy to be accommodating in those unique circumstances. We extend this bene- fit to our members to champion your unhindered growth, however, it is a privilege to be exercised with discretion and restraint, on a limited basis. If your child is ill, if you foresee that they will be disruptive, or if they become disruptive during their time in the space, we ask that you seek alternative arrangements out of respect for your follow members, ensuring that we keep the work environment uninterrupted.

Co-Working w/ Pups

  • Dogs visiting 1909 must be fully house-trained, well behaved, and not aggressive.
  • Please keep them off of all furniture.
  • Owners must use a leash while walking the dog and when the dog is in common/shared areas.

Owners are fully responsible for their pet(s) including financial responsibility for any damage.Members/guests who have allergies and/or fears will not be subjected to situations within their immediate work environment that exacerbates these conditions. Concerns about dogs by members/ guests will be closely examined, and we will request that disruptive pets be removed from the space.

Meetings & Events

While the primary purpose of 1909 is to serve as a work space for our members, we also have space and resources that are available to members of the public for events.


Our space is designed to facilitate serendipitous collisions. Therefore, while your event is going on there may be people walking by, or meeting in nearby spaces and offices. We encourage member-led events to be open and inclusive both within and outside our 1909 community. We cannot guarantee privacy


Our space and furniture are flexible to accommodate different event setups. Please respect and treat the space as your own. This includes returning everything to the way you found it and understanding that other groups will be meeting in the space after you.

Before you host your first event you will be asked to book a time with our staff to be trained on knowledge pertaining to the space. Event organizers are responsible to provide the necessary staff and execute all logistical activities associated with the event including but not limited to: setup, cleanup, signage, traffic control, and security. Upon request,1909 may be able to provide staffing for these activities for a fee. We have made the space available for you 24/7 in order to pursue your dreams, please don’t take advantage. We do not permit sleeping here overnight.

Unacceptable Behaviors

Intimidating, harassing, threatening, abusive, discriminatory, derogatory, or demeaning speech or actions by any participant in our space, online networks, and in all related events and communications will not be tolerated. We strive to cultivate an environment of positivity, and we will not condone any behavior that disrupts this. That being said, the 1909 Team does not wish to mediate disagreements over political or philosophical beliefs. We believe in free speech and healthy discourse, and we will limit intervention in conflicts arising from differing opinions. Taking action at our discretion, only in response to behavior that disrupts the environment of the positive energy we are cultivating.


Consequences of Violations

Unacceptable behavior from any member, including event organizers, staff, and guests, will not be tolerated. Anyone asked to cease a violating behavior is expected to comply immediately and will be asked to leave the premises. The 1909 Team may additionally decide to take any action deemed ap- propriate, including, but not limited to, a temporary or permanent ban from 1909 without warning and without refund of prepaid fees.

Reporting Guidelines

If you are subjected to or witness unacceptable behavior, harassment, or have any other concerns, please notify a staff member, event organizer, or honor board member as soon as possible. You can also send your report via email to [email protected]

Addressing Grievances

If you feel you have been falsely or unfairly accused of violating our Ethos, you will have the opportu- nity to explain your side of the story before any action is taken.

The Honor Board

Any issue that has the potential to discontinue a membership will be brought to our Honor Board, which is made up of three members carefully selected to act as an unbiased third party in matters of community issues as they arise.

The 1909 Team

Our staff is here to ensure this community thrives. We’re all adults, leaders, and members of 1909, but should you need to discuss or address something officially, we are always here to listen and can be contacted via email.

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